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Education & Youth

As more students fall behind, a consensus is emerging on how to help them...

ALG's Papa Dia and two state senators, one Democrat and one Republican, explain why they have signed on as early supporters of a proposed ballot initiative that would provide funding for families to choose from a menu of approved out-of-school learning providers, including tutoring in reading, math, science, and writing, extra services for special needs students, and career and technical education-training programs.

What I didn’t learn about Black history in high school

I challenge my fellow immigrants to develop an understanding of oppression that Black Americans face in this country. I believe it starts with education.

Why ALG supports state tests for public school students in 2021

The African Leadership Group strongly supports administering state tests this spring to measure student progress, or lack thereof. Read here to learn our reasons.

A parent perspective on remote learning

I love having my son home and seeing him enjoy his education through my own lens. I sometimes want to help him with answers and I forget that grade school ended for me many many years ago.

Student perspective: Banning books equals banning opportunities

The point of books is to provide a new perspective for readers. Books are supposed to allow your mind to create a new way of thinking. They are meant to allow you to have...

Teachers are essential workers and must return to school

As teachers, we must ask ourselves this question: Why did we sign up for this profession, if not to perform an essential task? How can we in good conscience decide it is OK for us to work remotely when these other workers are going in person?

We must engage our parents and students in education co-creation

It is past time to begin providing these parents, as well as students, with a direct and immediate role in the co-creation of what is taught in schools and how it is taught.

The time is now to address school discipline disparities

Schools with large numbers of students of color are more likely to have on-site more security personnel than mental health support personnel. This must change.

Youth Empowerment Group manifesto on social change

Social change is a concept that not many understand and is underestimated in its power to influence change in our present society. Many benefits that result from social change are used by social movements...

ALG’s online schooling support responds to the needs of kids, parents

Think of the ALG pod as an innovative school that strives to meet the needs of every kid.

Bulletin Board

COVID-19 Health Forum Speakers List

    Denver Mayor Michael B. HancockĀ  MICHAEL B. HANCOCK is Denver's 45th mayor, and second African American to hold this position. Raised in the Mile High...

Get your questions answered about Covid-19 vaccines!

The African Leadership Group will hold a Covid-19 Vaccination Educational Forum in early April, and we want to know what questions you have for...