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Education and Youth Initiative

One of ALG’s strategic goals is to achieve educational impact for children and youth of the African diaspora by advocating for improved public school systems and accountability, greater pathways to higher education, and leadership development from an early age. ALG’s programs and activities to support this goal include the following:

  • Working collaboratively on a joint education advocacy campaign funded by Rose Community Foundation to improve educational equity within Aurora Public Schools.
  • Improving parent and community understanding of pertinent policy issues, providing analysis and context for important school data, providing tools and tactics for effective advocacy, and connecting them to elected officials to make their voice heard.
  • Facilitating advocacy action, for example, attending and speaking at school board meetings in both Aurora and Denver, and reporting back to the community.
  • Hosting our Weekly Youth Empowerment program, which offers critical leadership opportunities for youth from the community to celebrate their cultural heritage, and build confidence in their own leadership abilities and career possibilities.

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