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COVID-19 Health Forum Speakers List

    Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock  MICHAEL B. HANCOCK is Denver's 45th mayor, and second African American to hold this position. Raised in the Mile High City since 10 months old, his passion for Denver and...

Get your questions answered about Covid-19 vaccines!

The African Leadership Group will hold a Covid-19 Vaccination Educational Forum in early April, and we want to know what questions you have for the health experts who will be attending. The virtual event will...

An apple a day does not keep mental illness at bay!

After a chance meeting with a stranger, I began to ponder if this principle is one we could apply to our mental wellness. Having bumped into Maegan Yoder, a licensed mental health nurse in...

Come to ALG’s free flu shot clinic Nov. 14!

ALG and two community partners are offering a free flu shot clinic this Saturday at ALG's offices in Aurora.

Colorado’s homecare workers need your support

Home care is essential, especially now. Yet we continue to see high workforce turnover rates.  Workers are leaving due to low wages, unfair treatment, lack of benefits, little to no training, and long work hours.

Senegal rated second best in world at COVID-19 management

While the United States languishes close to the bottom of the world's country in its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the west African nation of Senegal is ranked second, behind only New Zealand in its management of the crisis.

Here is information on state grant, loan, and other COVID-19 assistance

This article contains a large amount of information about sttae and local business grants, loans and other CVID-19 resources available. These programs were mentioned during last week's Afrik Impact Business Summit.

Coping and maintaining health and wellness during COVID-19

The Health and Wellness Initiative of the African Leadership Group (ALG) hosted an informative Zoom forum on COVID-19 on June 13. Over 50 people joined. The event opened with Papa Dia welcoming participants to this...

What I learned from the ALG Health & Wellness Forum

The COVID19 pandemic demands physical distancing. Thus, we all need to do our best to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and people in our social communities and our professional organizations. Although COVID19 mandates physical distancing worldwide, it is essential to maintain the social connection with people within our communities for such a connection constitutes a deep-rooted value common to most African cultures.