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Donate to African Leadership Group on upcoming Colorado Gives Day

ALG runs a wide variety of programs that would benefit from your support on the upcoming Colorado Gives Day.

We must engage our parents and students in education co-creation

It is past time to begin providing these parents, as well as students, with a direct and immediate role in the co-creation of what is taught in schools and how it is taught.

Get involved with ALG on International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is on December 5th. The African Leadership Group team would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers, welcome new volunteers, and announce and encourage all to apply to our...

Holiday debt is real. Try to avoid it.

Last year alone Americans racked up about $1,300 in holiday debt on average, and about 78% of those who took on debt ended up paying some form of interest.

Lesson from the election: We must care for ourselves

Together we can build our community and make it stronger. We can identify programs that address the challenges we face in education, healthcare, criminal justice reform. We can inform and educate, and then eradicate the problems facing our community.

Bulletin Board

Homeownership Resources

Thank you all for joining us at yesterday's Homeownership & Financial Workshop, we've learned so much about the problem areas that trouble our community...

How ALG cash assistance program helps people in need

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began early in 2020, the African Leadership Group has worked to get direct cash assistance, in the form of gift...

Thanks to our Colorado Gives Day donors

ALG raised $1,500 from individuals on Colorado Gives Day.