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Youth Empowerment Group manifesto on social change

Social change is a concept that not many understand and is underestimated in its power to influence change in our present society. Many benefits that result from social change are used by social movements...

Naquetta Ricks paves the way for generations to come

This was a triumphant election day for African immigrants in Colorado. We got to witness one of our community members,Naquetta Ricks, get elected as Colorado state representative for the House District 40.

African immigrants broke through barriers in the 2020 election

This election saw many firsts: First woman vice president, first Muslim Colorado state legislator. And among those first, across the country, were many African Immigrants elected to office.

Meet Our Homeownership and Financial Workshop Committee Members

ALG's first monthly Homeownership and Finance Workshop takes place this Wednesday, Nov. 4 from 5-7 p.m. You don't want to miss it!

There are many reasons to vote. Find one!

Amadou Dieng urges everyone: Find a reason to vote, or create that reason!

ALG’s online schooling support responds to the needs of kids, parents

Think of the ALG pod as an innovative school that strives to meet the needs of every kid.

Colorado’s homecare workers need your support

Home care is essential, especially now. Yet we continue to see high workforce turnover rates.  Workers are leaving due to low wages, unfair treatment, lack of benefits, little to no training, and long work hours.

Deadline for state small business grant and loan program is near!

The second round of applications for the Energize Colorado Gap Fund are due by October 26th. Do not miss out on this grant and loan opportunity for small businesses and nonprofits!

African American, African immigrant experiences: Different yet intertwined

To be sure, Black Africans experience this country differently than those of us who are the descendants of people brought here by force centuries ago to work as slaves. But in many ways, the experiences of our communities have become interwoven.

ALG high school seniors: Apply today for Daniels Fund scholarship!

High school seniors active in ALG: DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY. Apply for a Daniels Fund scholarship today!

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ALG receives support for pandemic education programs

Almost overnight, the Covid-19 crisis turned the lives of many families upside down. Families are juggling health and work crises, and as a result...

During pandemic, student needs should come first

Editor's note: This article first appeared in the Front Porch My name is Aminata Aw, I am a mother of three children in Denver Public Schools....

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