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Coping and maintaining health and wellness during COVID-19

The Health and Wellness Initiative of the African Leadership Group (ALG) hosted an informative Zoom forum on COVID-19 on June 13. Over 50 people joined. The event opened with Papa Dia welcoming participants to this...

What I learned from the ALG Health & Wellness Forum

The COVID19 pandemic demands physical distancing. Thus, we all need to do our best to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and people in our social communities and our professional organizations. Although COVID19 mandates physical distancing worldwide, it is essential to maintain the social connection with people within our communities for such a connection constitutes a deep-rooted value common to most African cultures.

Community voices: The murder of George Floyd and where we must go from here

This is a collection of personal stories, reflections, and perspectives on this critical time in America by members, friends and allies of the ALG community.

No more business as usual

Hopefully, the right-hearted people of America have had enough and are ready to make equality real. That notion, sadly, still requires black people to wait until white people relinquish their power for the benefit of others.

Public speaking graduation ceremony lit a fire — even over Zoom

Listening to the seventh graduating class of the African Leadership (ALG) public speaking program Tuesday evening brought out goose bumps and blew me away. Calling it amazing understates the impact.

Two highlights from ALG public speaking graduation

Here are a couple of emotional highlights from the recent ALG public speaking class graduation ceremony.

RootEd: Denver schools must value families as partners

A new study, focused on how Denver schools should work with parents as partners, has just been released. It is worth reading.

ALG responds on multiple fronts to COVID-19 crisis

As COVID-19 has swept across the globe, the African immigrant community in metro Denver has not been spared. As I write this, in late May, 25 members of the African Leadership Group have tested...

My online school experience

As a continuing eighth-grader, I found the online learning experience to be uneven. But it was a year I will never forget.

Register for the next ALG public speaking class

Now is the time to register for ALG's next popular, powerful, and empowering public speaking class!