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Leadership Africa Perspective: Deidra Okwena

“Leadership Africa is an impressive program. As a woman of color, I appreciate the focus on developing me as a more effective leader in my community.”

ALG supports the opening of Mountain Juniper Montessori, a new public charter school in...

The tuition-free, public charter school Mountain Juniper Montessori operates under the micro-school model. This means that instead of having a single large campus, it is the first of several Wildflower schools that will be strategically located throughout the Aurora community.

Mental Health Awareness Month youth conversations yield revelations

The goal of the  “Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health” video series was to help immigrant parents in particular understand that there is no shame in discussing mental health challenges with their children, each other, and with mental health professionals.

Leadership Africa perspective: Yunuen Cisneros

Decades of public service and leadership and advocacy work positioned Yunuen Cisneros perfectly for the African Leadership Group’s Leadership Africa program. Yunuen’s list of accomplishments and public service is long and distinguished. She worked with...

ALG and Cherry Creek Schools forging a strong partnership, superintendent says

A partnership between the Cherry Creek School District and the African Leadership Group makes a great deal of mutual sense. Just ask Superintendent Christopher Smith. “Cherry Creek Schools wants to make sure each and every...

Leadership Africa perspective: Lola Adesegha

After two months, Lola said, the program is exceeding even her high expectations. “It has been mind-blowing, the kind of conversations we are able to have, and how well we have been able to get to know each other so quickly,” she said. “It has provided me with an opportunity to unlearn and relearn.”

New partnership with PEBC offers teaching career opportunities

PEBC’s teacher residency program could be of special interest to ALG members. The yearlong program provides a stipend roughly equivalent to a first-year teacher’s pay, and places residents in a classroom full-time with an experienced mentor teacher. 

Leadership Africa perspectives: Helen Bradshaw and Fatima Benameur

“Leadership Africa is going to open doors. It is providing me with the opportunity to build bridges," Helen said.

Parent perspective: Navigating the public school system is challenging

I will continue to be on top of my kids to do well in school and I hope the school will do the same.

Senegal trip yields many new connections

An eight-person African Leadership Group delegation traveled to Senegal in February to forge partnerships and plan a variety of horticultural and water development projects, as well as cultural exchanges.

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