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Efetobore Isiku: ALG family gets credit for Business Pitch Night award

When I started the public speaking class, I intended to use it to connect with people, to network with people. But to my amazement, what I actually got was a family.

Decontee Winka Yaah: Leadership Africa builds community

"Our Leadership Africa class is a community in and of itself. We all come from different places and different communities, and when we enter class, we are a community of our own."

Student perspective: The pandemic was rough, but we are resilient

If you ask a student like me how it feels like being placed on lockdown for a year and basically being forced to be independent and responsible for your own education whilst navigating the passageways of both young adulthood and high school I would tell you honestly it was hard, it was challenging, it was something different.

Parent perspective: School is back to normal, but students have fallen behind

"I wouldn’t say things are back to normal, in fact I don’t think we know what normal is anymore."

Afrik Impact kicks off with exuberant Youth Empowerment celebration

The African Leadership Group’s 2022 Afrik Impact Celebration kicked off July 29 with an exuberant Youth Empowerment celebration at the Denver Botanic Gardens, with the theme of “Growing up African in America.”

ALG, CO Black Arts Festival to host Circle of Healing

The African Leadership Group’s Breaking Barriers initiative and the Colorado Black Arts Festival will hold a joint Circle of Healing Event this Friday in City Park.

Join us July 23 for Denver Botanic Gardens-ALG Volunteer Day

The African Leadership Group is seeking 28 volunteers to dedicate three hours of their time on an upcoming Saturday morning to help out at the Denver Botanic Gardens, one of our key community partners.

Take a survey on possible future flights from DEN to Africa

Denver International Airport is studying possible air routes between DEN and cities in Africa. Please fill out a survey linked in this article about what cities you would like to see served.

What Afrik Impact means to one young leader

I love Afrik Impact because it's like a special holiday that has an effect on everyone's heart and leaves them yearning for more. 

ALG’s entrepreneurship workshop second cohort starts June 6

The African Leadership Group’s first-ever, six-week entrepreneurship workshop is well underway, to rave reviews, and we are already seeking people to take part in the second cohort later this spring.

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