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Registration now open for 2023 Afrik Impact events!

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Registration is now open for 2023 Afrik Impact events!

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Leadership Africa perspectives: Helen Bradshaw and Fatima Benameur

“Leadership Africa is going to open doors. It is providing me with the opportunity to build bridges," Helen said.

Parent perspective: Navigating the public school system is challenging

I will continue to be on top of my kids to do well in school and I hope the school will do the same.

Senegal trip yields many new connections

An eight-person African Leadership Group delegation traveled to Senegal in February to forge partnerships and plan a variety of horticultural and water development projects, as well as cultural exchanges.

How ALG’s public speaking class built my self-confidence

My ALG family has been one of the greatest support systems I have had and one of the toughest critics. They tell me when I am on track and provide advice on my next steps out of a place of love and commitment.

Papa Dia receives Notley Changemaker award

African Leadership Group Founder and Executive Director Papa Dia was one of three people named as a Notley Inaugural Changemaker at an event on February 21. Notley is an Austin, Texas-based company that recently opened...

“Professor” Madiama Mbaye holds successful book launch

It was no surprise that an event honoring the launch of Professor Madiama Mbaye's new book, "Fated to Win: 7 Steps to Finding Meaningful Success," drew a large crowd to the Denver Botanic Gardens on January 21.

Pacific Western Bank: A valued ALG partner

When California-based Pacific Western Bank expanded into Colorado four years ago, its executives began looking for community partners it could support with Community Reinvestment Act contributions. ALG made an instant impression.

Youth Empowerment’s financial literacy class gives students a jump-start

The class helps middle- and high-school students understand the basics of personal finance – balancing a checkbook, budgeting, understanding credit cards and how to stay out of debt, and beginning to save early for retirement. 

ALG 2022: Thank you for believing in us!

The African Leadership Group's successful and trailblazing 2022 came to an end last month with two big events: The graduation of the second cohort of our leadership program, Leadership Africa (see videos and photos...

Professor Madiama Mbaye discusses his new book

"As I was finishing the book I realized that this is not just for the immigrant community. It can be for anybody looking for ways to succeed. I came to realize that when it comes to wisdom or when it comes to success, it is the same everywhere."