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A mother and educator’s perspective on remote learning

As a paraprofessional, I was working remotely. I saw the difficulties that some families faced first-hand. This was especially true for parents who did not speak English, or could not read it. 

ALG members address DPS board on charter schools

As the Denver Public Schools board prepares to vote Thursday on the renewal of contracts for more than a dozen charter schools, four members of the African Leadership Group spoke at a public comment session March 16. 

As more students fall behind, a consensus is emerging on how to help them...

ALG's Papa Dia and two state senators, one Democrat and one Republican, explain why they have signed on as early supporters of a proposed ballot initiative that would provide funding for families to choose from a menu of approved out-of-school learning providers, including tutoring in reading, math, science, and writing, extra services for special needs students, and career and technical education-training programs.

The challenges of remote learning: A parent’s perspective

Reflecting on this past year, it has been tough for me and my family. It was hard working and trying to navigate my son's online school.

An apple a day does not keep mental illness at bay!

After a chance meeting with a stranger, I began to ponder if this principle is one we could apply to our mental wellness. Having bumped into Maegan Yoder, a licensed mental health nurse in...

As arson case develops, friends remember the Diol family

Now that there has been a major break in the case of the arson fire that killed the Diol family last August, ALG wanted to speak to two close friends of the family about how they’re coping with the latest developments, the challenges they face in moving on, and how they remember the victims, and especially their good friend Jibby.

Teachers are essential workers and must return to school

As teachers, we must ask ourselves this question: Why did we sign up for this profession, if not to perform an essential task? How can we in good conscience decide it is OK for us to work remotely when these other workers are going in person?

MLK Day: Reflecting on how far we have yet to go

Amadou Dieng takes us on a voyage to analyze MLK’s I Have a Dream speech, through the lens of today’s society.

2020 was a year that tested ALG’s agility

While any reputable, self-reflective nonprofit organization’s leadership always feels it could do more, and do it better, we feel that ALG rose to the occasion in 2020 and pivoted in several ways that brought direct benefits to the communities we serve.

2020: A year of challenges, heartbreak, and growth

2020 was a difficult year, but it allowed us to expand the ways in which African Leadership Group serves the community.

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COVID-19 Health Forum Speakers List

    Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock  MICHAEL B. HANCOCK is Denver's 45th mayor, and second African American to hold this position. Raised in the Mile High...

Get your questions answered about Covid-19 vaccines!

The African Leadership Group will hold a Covid-19 Vaccination Educational Forum in early April, and we want to know what questions you have for...

Summary of ALG’s Business & Economic Opportunity event

The event was organized to provide the community with professional insights and first-hand accounts of starting, growing, and maintaining a successful business.