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Summary of ALG’s Business & Economic Opportunity event

The African Leadership Group’s Business Economic Opportunity Committee held a business forum via Zoom on Thursday, January 28th from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  The event was organized to provide the community with professional insights and first-hand accounts of starting, growing, and maintaining a successful business.

The event began with an introduction and overview by Papa Dia, President/Founder of ALG. Next, Solomon Muwanga, Committee Chairman, provided a brief overview of the Business & Economic Opportunity Committee and its members, followed by an introduction of the event’s speakers.

Outlined below is a brief overview of the speakers as well as the topic and subject matter discussed by each professional:

  1. Fundamentals of Building and Growing a Successful Business
  • Jamal Bowen* – Business Professor | Community College of Denver; Founder | Empowering Community Entrepreneurs. Bowen discussed crafting an effective Business Plan and the key components of operating a successful business.
  1. Legal Aspects of Starting a Business
  • Tayo Okunade – Attorney/Owner | Okunade LLP. Okunade described the pros and cons of various types of business entities and fundamental legal consideration when starting a business.
  1. Business Success Story Highlight
  • Patrick Tcheunou – Owner | Chocolates Bibamba (introduction presented by Marisela Parraguez – Project Manager | World Trade Center Denver). Tcheunou gave a first-hand account of starting and growing his own successful artisan chocolate business. Watch the video embedded below for a news story about Patrick’s business.
  1. Upcoming Virtual Events – The event concluded with an outline of upcoming events, including ALG’s monthly legal clinic and the next Business & Economic Opportunity Committee event.

Two raffles were also held as part of the event with gifts of cash and in kind donated by presenters and awarded to the lucky winner. The event concluded with final words of thanks to participants and panelists from Papa Dia.

ALG would like to extend sincere congratulations to Jamal Bowen for his promotion to Chair of Advanced Academic Achievement (AAA) at the Community College of Denver.

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