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One parent’s experience at DPS’ Bruce Randolph School

Editor’s note: This article was written by ALG member Selena Zikusoka.

My son attends Bruce Randolph School in Denver. It’s a 6-12 grade school.

I feel that it is OK for some, but for my son it is challenging. One issue my son and I have encountered is racism on the school’s soccer team.

I also find it challenging that I am not able to go to the school and see my child whenever I choose. Pop-up visits to Bruce Randolph School aren’t allowed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. My son has ADHD and I am a parent that is very in tune with his education, behavior and his grades. So I wish I could drop in to check up on him.

The Denver Public Schools district is OK, but it is the area where you live that makes a difference. I feel the some of the teachers are teaching because they just want the check. If I sit down with a teacher and talk with them face to face, I can see if they care and if they are passionate about children.

But the last two to three years that has not been the case. I believe this is because some of my child’s teachers are fresh out of college and lack experience, and the school struggles to find and keep veteran teachers.

Next semester, I am expecting more conversations with educators about my son’s progress. I want them  to listen to my needs and understand that the expectations I have for him are high. I have faith that he can and will do great things when he is focused and excited about what he is doing.

I expect communication between the school staff and myself to happen weekly.

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