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Meet Our Homeownership and Financial Workshop Committee Members

Since its inception, African Leadership Group has relentlessly worked to facilitate the professional integration of African Immigrants in the United States. Focusing primarily on economic, social and educational impacts, ALG has worked to support individuals and families as they navigate a new culture, new expectations for school and employment, and a variety of other factors which create challenges to achieving successful integration.

As an immigrant myself, I can attest that many immigrants choose the U.S for the American Dream, and the pathway to realizing the American Dream is owning a home. Here at the African Leadership Group we see the homeownership equity gap and we recognize the challenges that make homeownership seem out of reach for many of our community members.

We have put together the Homeownership and Financial Committee to help clarify the steps toward homeownership.

The purpose of the committee is to help the African diaspora integrate into American society/culture. This Committee is led by the incredible Beatriz Gonzalez, who will make sure that the committee achieve its goal to:

  1. Address diverse community housing needs
  2. Provide programs and services that assist the community
  3. Encourage counsel and assist the community in financially preparing for home-buying
  4. Coordinate with a network of human services agencies for community members who have needs beyond housing.

Mrs. Gonzalez has more than 20 years in the mortgage industry and she currently serves as the Vice President of Community Lending & Diverse Markets at Bank of the West, where she is responsible for diverse and affordable lending strategies for the Rocky Mountain Region. She always brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and understanding, which is what makes her an ideal committee chair.

Working with the ALG staff, Mrs. Gonzalez has filled her committee with incredible talent. Her team is composed of two credit specialists, a mortgage banker, and two Realtors.

On the credit front we have Laurie Quercioli, a board certified credit specialist, and Laura Garcia Villalpando a financial wellbeing coach with Operation HOPE. Together Laura and Laurie provide participants with financial counseling, teach them how to read and understand their credit reports, and support them in the pre-lending and pre-purchase phases, before they send them to Aissatou Dia, the mortgage banker.

Mrs. Dia has more than 10 years of financial service experience and she is from the community. She has a clear understanding of our immigrant population, having gone through those same challenges herself. Mrs. Dia has the heart, and knows what it takes to get you into your own home with the help of real estate professionals.

Our Realtors have both spent countless years in the real estate industry and are among the most seasoned in the business. Having been in the Denver real estate market since 1995, Jan Ford has a rare perspective on the evolution of the market and will provide participants with the best of advice.

George Owusu switched to real estate after working as a project engineer. He has since gone above and beyond to educate, guide, and support clients in purchasing, marketing and or selling their homes. Jan and George will utilize their expertise to guarantee satisfaction with your new home.

It is with the talent of these amazing people that we are able to offer you a monthly homeownership and financial workshop at no cost. Come visit us on the first Wednesday of every month, so we can help you embark on this journey to homeownership.

ALG’s Homeownership and Financial Committee has all the expertise and will walk through the whole process from building your credit to getting your house keys.

You can join us the first Wednesday of every month, for a no cost Homeownership and Financial Monthly.

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