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Introducing ALG’s new look, and why we updated

We know you must have questions regarding the African Leadership group’s striking new branding, and why we changed from our longstanding design.

After all, ALG has never been an organization focused on appearance. “We are here to serve” as Founder and Executive Director Papa Dia says.

ALG has been a trustworthy, forward-thinking, and friendly community organization to the people it serves. The brand and its people exhibited the values that we share and cherish. In recent years, ALG has grown and matured. The organization welcomed more people and their ideas, and created new programs and initiatives. ALG adapted to the needs of our community and connected with more individuals and organizations that shared its vision.

The ALG vision is “to advocate for the entire African immigrant community across national origin, tribes, and language to ensure continuous improvements to immigrants’ quality of life.” the organization does meets its mission by opening its doors to anyone who wants to use its resources or contribute to the programs. 

The Updated Look

For those familiar with ALG, the black background and circular logo probably come to mind when they hear the name.

We hope you are going to love the new look just as much as the previous one, if not more. The new look has a lighter and brighter background with a simple recognizable logo.

The new logo derives meaning from a traditional African symbol: the wisdom knot, and the wordmark that reads “African Leadership Group” in the new font (Dosis). The new logo is versatile and is suitable to use in all sorts of backgrounds, in both print and digital publications.

As the signature event of the organization, Afrik Impact has always had its own logo. For its new look, we made sure it incorporates he African Leadership Group logo while having its own flare. The updated look showcases all the ALG initiatives and leadership courses with vibrant colors. 

The enhanced meaning

Tough times often bring changes to individuals and organizations, and the ALG family felt more than ever that we needed to include the wider Colorado community to expand our impact.

The new brand is designed with a few things in mind: Our origin, our values, our mission, our goals, and our community. The brand redesign process summarized the personality of the organization: professional, energetic, inclusive, purposeful, creative, accessible, and honest.

The end-result of our brand is a sophisticated, thoughtful, and inviting elements that speaks true to our long-term goals. 

Expanding our impact:

At ALG, we are always looking to expand our impact, especially knowing the potential is vast. There are more than 400,000 African immigrants in Colorado metro areas, many of whom know nothing about us or our work. There are community organizations and individuals we need to learn from, partner with, and extend our help to. Our work is not done, it has just started. A new look accentuates that fact.

Special thanks

African Leadership Group would like to express our gratitude towards the DaVita’s volunteers who shared their expertise to make this rebranding project possible.

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