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A middle-schooler’s view of in-person vs. online school

One of our students writes:

Hi, my name is Moussa Watt and I’m going to be talking about my past school year.

I started sixth grade going to in-person school at Hill Campus in Denver in 2019. Then in March 2020 I had to switch to online school. Our school was not ready to go online; teachers didn’t know how they were going to teach their students. 

There are good things and bad things about both types of schools. One thing that I liked about in-person school was that our teachers were there if we needed to ask them questions or needed help with something. 

One thing I disliked about in-person school was that I had to wake up early and be on a schedule. One thing l like about online school is that I get to learn in the comfort of my own home. One thing I dislike about online school is computer issues. For example, my computer shut down for updates and then I missed half of the lesson.

Even though going to online school is convenient, I’d personally prefer in person school. I am looking forward to going back to in person school when all of this is over.

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