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Parent perspective: Aissata Djiego

Editor’s note: Aissata Djiego is a parent of five children, four of them Denver Public School students. Her two youngest students – one in first grade and the other in sixth – both attend Florida Pit Waller. Her two eldest attend Denver East High, one in 9th grade and the other in 10th.

ALG: How has the school year been for you? 

Aissata Djiego: This year has been a lot better for me compared to last year. The kids are back in the schoolhouse, and I didn’t have to be at home to monitor their online school. I was happy my kids were able to get vaccinated and were able to be back in  school safely. My kids are doing well in school this year compared to last year. They are doing better in person compared to being behind a screen.  My two oldest are both at a new school. I know last year was tough for my daughter who started her freshman year in high school during the pandemic.  

ALG: Are there any issues you are currently facing with your children’s schools? 

Aissata: As mentioned, it has been good. My daughters are in their teens, and they think they know it all now. However, I have been having transportation issues for the past two years. They moved from Colorado Early College to East High School because of how long  a drive it was for my husband and I. Plus bus passes were not offered there. 

My youngest doesn’t have to go far because their school is close to our neighborhood, which makes it easy for us as parents.  Also, I wish I had more communications coming home in a language I know. Many times we receive information by emails and letters, but I can’t read it and I have to ask my kids to translate it for me.  Neither my husband nor I  can read and write in English but can read in French. I know Ousman had told me that getting communications from the school in French is possible, but I haven’t heard much about it. Still, overall, it has been a better school year for me as a parent. 

ALG: What can we do at ALG To help you?

Aissata: My kids are involved in the youth program at ALG, and they enjoy it. They like being there around their peers and being able to socialize. They always look forward to Friday during in person class, they also enjoy the field trips they went to the museum. For me,  I want to improve my English,  because  my English is not very good. ALG has been good to my kids and family.

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