Legal & Policy

ALG advocates on behalf of African immigrants who have become entangled in the United States’ criminal justice system, and who struggle to access fair treatment and adequate representation. They support racial justice and immigration reform through by helping to raise funds for quality legal representation and helping community members connect with appropriate legal services. ALG utilize various social media platforms to raise awareness about legal injustice, and the impact on African immigrants. They also work collaboratively with other immigrant rights organizations in the Denver metro area to push for immigration reform, as well as fair and humane treatment under the law.


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Aurora, CO 80014

Hello all,
Due to weather conditions, the Public Speaking Class Kickoff has been rescheduled for next Tuesday, Feb 11th . If you have not registered yet please take this opportunity to do so.

ALG’s Public Speaking Class is a 12-week program that prepares students to develop and strengthen their skills and to overcome their fears of speaking in public. This class will help you build your content, your character and your confidence.