ALG’s Health and Wellness initiatives aim to improve greater health and well-being within African diaspora communities by facilitating greater access to critical services and quality care through advocacy and strategic partnerships, as well as building awareness and education among community members about key health issues and preventive measures.

Examples of recent activities include:

  • Facilitating access to a reduced-price annual flu shot for community members.
  • Hosting focus group discussions to identify and confirm key health concerns within the community, which will drive our activities for the remainder of 2018.
  • Hosting quarterly awareness workshops on major health issues identified in the community.

Our initiatives focus on achieving the  following long-term goals:

  1. Community members improve their health-related behaviors
  2. Families and individuals feel empowered to take charge of their health and well-being
  3. Community members access high-quality and affordable services for their health needs
  4. Health service providers, agencies, and institutions make policy changes that benefit the African diaspora

We plan to achieve these goals via the following four activity areas:

  1. Partner and advocate with health service providers to expand their outreach, make services more accessible to the community and provide reduced rates.
  2. Educate community members to improve knowledge of available resources, how to access care, and to raise awareness about preventive behaviors.
  3. Engage the community around culturally sensitive health topics to raise awareness around key issues and to provide a safe space for questions and discussion.
  4. Advocate with health-focused agencies and institutions to voice health-related community concerns and push for stronger health care systems and insurance.



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